Group gathers in Eugene to clean stormwater drains

    Group gathers in Eugene to clean stormwater drains (SBG)

    EUGENE, Ore. - Out with the old and in with the new, that's what the City of Eugene is doing with cleaning up Stormwater areas at Ferndale Park.

    Volunteers are needed for their clean-up event for Saturday morning. The city is filtering out storm water areas at the park, to make way for cleaner water entering our waterways.

    The city says volunteers will be needed to help remove sediment and dead plant material.

    “This helps take the pollutants off the street and it acts as a sponge,” said Ted Shiro, with the City of Eugene. “And the plants that we plant here are wetland plants, so they tend to have a very deep root system. So, it actually helps get the water down into the water tables.”

    If you'd like to volunteer and RSVP to the cleanup event for cleaner water, you can find a link here.

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