Greenhill looking to raise funds for new building

The first nine of over 100 dogs recently rescued from a Lane County hoarding situation became available for adoption Friday at Greenhill Humane Society. (SBG)

EUGENE, Ore. - Lane County businesses banded together at Sweet Cheeks Winery to help raise funds for Greenhill Humane Society's building campaign.

The two hour event's goal was to connect new parts of the community to Greenhill. The Humane Society says they've currently raised $2 million of the $5.6 million they need for a new building to house homeless animals.

The current kennel was build in the 1950's, and officials explain that the aging kennel has noise, heating, cooling and waste containment issues.

"We're able to work around these things, but we've notice some of the animals -- particularly the dogs -- aren't able to cope with that very well," said Glenda Linstrom, a Development Director with Greenhill. "It leads to stress and it means that they end up staying in the shelter longer before they find a new home."

The animal shelter is in it's second year of fundraising, and they're planning to break ground in May, but are still looking for donors.

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