Greenhill Humane Society unveils huge upgrade project

EUGENE, Ore. – Greenhill Humane Society needs to raise $4.7 million to expand and update its facilities for homeless dogs and cats.

Director Cary Lieberman said their outdated facilities cannot provide enough services to meet the community’s demand for better animal care.

The shelter’s upgrade plan calls for two new state of the art dog kennels, a remodeled cattery and a veterinary clinic expansion.

Lieberman said the old Kennels from the 1950s are beyond help.

“So we'll be having beautiful Prefab kennels that are in here. Easy to clean,” he said.

Lieberman said the new kennel technology makes it so most dogs won’t face each other. This makes the environment less stressful.

“Those animals, when they come into a shelter like this, have never been kenneled before, and what we need to do is provide that loving care in a loving facility,” he said.

It’s not just the dogs that can look forward to changes. The bunnies, rats and guinea pigs are in for a treat as well.

“Our water heater is in there; our furnace is in the same room right now. We're going to two dedicated small animal spaces,” Lieberman said.

Greenhill’s goal is to consolidate the 1st Avenue location and move all operations to the Greenhill location.

The humane society needs to raise $4.7 million more to reach its $5.6 million goal. They have just under $1 million in the bank now. Lieberman thinks the community is up to the challenge.

“If people want to make an impact for animals in this community, this is the time to do it,” he said.

The fundraising is on a fast track. Lieberman hopes to break ground this summer on phase one of the two-phase project. He expects the project will be completed by mid-2018.

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