Greenhill Humane Society sees record turnout for Bark in the Park fundraiser

The 24th Annual Bark in the Park presented by Greenhill Humane Society took place on Sunday May 21, 2017 at Alton Baker Park. It featured a 2K Walk and a 5K/10K run. The men’s 5K was won by Ian Dobson and Chap (16:44) followed by BJ Sauter and Rudy (17:08) and Andrew Heintz and Turbo (19:01). The women’s 5K was won by Kathleen Casto and Piper (19:23) followed by Kris Pearce (22:32) and Lisa Radosevich and Sam (23:23). The men’s 10K was won by Michael Stearns (38:22) followed by Daniel Gretz and Tahoma (39:41) and Nate Jaqua and Chet The Jet (41:09). The women’s 10K was won by Madi Scott (44:00) followed by Claire Lender and Max (44:46) and Heidi Gori and Gatsby (47:18). Photo By: Stephanie Cusano, Oregon News Lab

EUGENE, Ore. – Twenty-four seems to be Greenhill Humane Society's lucky number.

Their 24th annual Bark in The Park fundraiser saw the largest attendance and most money raised of any past Bark in the Park event.

More than 1,000 people showed up to the park with their pets.

They participated in a 10k and 5k run, and a 2k walk.

All of the proceeds will go to help local homeless and neglected animals at Greenhill and First Avenue Shelter.

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“We use that money to provide safe shelter, healthy food, medical care, behavior training, and ultimately adoption services for over three-thousand animals each year,” said Sasha Elliott, community engagement manager at Greenhill Humane Society.

Besides the walks and runs, the event included vendors, pet-related businesses, agility demonstrations, and contests.

One participant said she showed up to support Greenhill because she recently adopted a cat from them.

The cat is a new pal for her little dog, Benjie.

“He goes into homes for old people as a therapy dog sometimes, and he's just amazing. He really is. He's so smart!” said Eugene resident Carolyn Beall.

Greenhill’s goal was to raise $100,000.

By the end of the event they were at about $97,000.

You can still contribute online at the Greenhill Humane Society website.

They will keep the Bark in The Park website open for donations over the next few days.

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