Grass pollen counts put Eugene atop list of nation's worst cities for allergy sufferers

Alexandros / Wikipedia / CC BY-SA 3.0

EUGENE, Ore. - Are you allergic to grass pollen?

Then it isn't news to you that pollen counts have been in the red zone for more than a week.

Since May 27, the pollen counter at Oregon Allergy Associates has registered Very High concentrations of grass pollen every day except June 1, when the count briefly dropped to just High.

The highest count so far this year? On Memorial Day, the pollen count hit 667. Very High is anything over 200.

On Friday, Eugene led the nation as the second worst city for allergy sufferers, according to

Eugene trailed only Pierre, South Dakota, as the nation's worst.

But not for long: shows Eugene has climbed atop the heap as the nation's worst city for allergy sufferers.

The current forecast shows Eugene's pollen counts remaining at the Very High level until Saturday, when rain in the forecast could help drop the pollen counts back to a Low-to-Medium level.

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