Gov. Kate Brown looks at business growth in Florence

Gov. Kate Brown visited Florence Tuesday to discuss the city's recovering economy and how entrepreneurs are contributing to business development. (SBG photo)

FLORENCE, Ore. - Gov. Kate Brown is checking in on coastal communities. Tuesday in Florence she took extra time to focus on ways to support small business.

From bridges to businesses, Brown got the full Florence experience. She saw how the city is revitalizing the town.

Florence Mayor Joe Henry said this year is a growing year.

"Our city had been, I use the word 'in hibernation' for a number of years during the recession," Henry said.

The city will have around seven new entrepreneurs starting up businesses soon.

“Economic development is very high on our list of priorities," said Henry.

He said $12.5 million are budgeted for capital projects.

"More than we've spent in the last ten years," he said.

"Many communities have to develop a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation and you have it here. And so it's really important that we continue to ensure that that community, that culture thrives," said Brown.

The Oregon Regional Accelerator and Innovation Network, called “Rain,” helps entrepreneurs turn ideas into innovative local companies.

"I want to do for local organic food, what Uber has done for transportation or what Air B and B has done for housing," said Lofoodal Product Director, Carl Hulan. "For an economic catalyst in a little town like this is really something."

"I'm so excited about what's happening here," said Brown.

Brown said she hopes to help build communities where the next generation can thrive from cradle to career.

"This is truly public, private partnership. Everyone working together," said Brown.

The city of Florence is determined to show how entrepreneurs are putting their community into motion.

"These entrepreneurs are the job creators of the future," said Brown.

The next stop for Governor Brown is visiting Tillamook. She will be there looking at local businesses as well.

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