Gov. Kate Brown meets with trooper critically injured in Christmas Day shooting


Governor Kate Brown met Oregon State Trooper Nic Cederberg this week, several weeks after he was critically injured in a shooting on Christmas Day last year.

James Tylka shot and killed his estranged wife Kate Armand on Christmas Day, south of Sherwood. Officers from multiple agencies responded to the call and Oregon State trooper Nic Cederberg was able to track down Tylka just after the shooting.

The two got into some kind of confrontation. Tylka shot and critically injured Cederbeg, who was hospitalized at OHSU with life-threatening injuries. Immediately after, Tylka was shot and killed by other officers.

Cederberg was shot 12 times, and five of those bullets were stopped by his vest. He was struck in arms, torso and spinal canal, and he was nearly paralyzed.

He was making massive progress last month, walking by himself and even going up a set of stairs, but his family says he has had to revert to his wheelchair and go back to the hospital due to debilitating pain.

Cederberg's brother kept the public updated on his progress on a GoFundMe page, where they've received thousands of dollars in donations from friends and strangers alike.

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