Gov. Brown says she'll veto 2 bills, 4 line-item appropriations in another

FILE -- Gov. Kate Brown, D-Oregon. (KATU File Photo)

Gov. Kate Brown gave notice Tuesday that she intends to veto two bills and four line-item appropriations for projects in another that lawmakers approved during this year's legislative session.

In a news release, she said she will veto House Bill 3355. The bill gives authority to psychologists to prescribe medications. She also plans to veto Senate Bill 689, which reinstates a task force on employment and housing. Also, she said she will veto four line-item appropriations in House Bill 5006, which outlines how much money is authorized for general obligation bonds, revenue bonds and other things for projects and programs around the state.

The reason she gave for vetoing HB 3355 was she said there was no evidence “that psychologist(s) prescribing (medications) will improve access or quality of care. While prescription drugs may be appropriate mental health treatment for some patients, there are also significant health risks with some drug therapies.”

She said the bill was flawed because it lacked a way to safely implement the policy.

On SB 689, she said the bill was redundant.

“The Task Force on Re-entry, Employment, and Housing is intended to serve the same function as the Governor’s Council on Re-entry,” she said. “Government should operate as efficiently as possible and having two task forces with the same goal is an unnecessary use of public resources and time.”

She will also veto two sections from HB 5006. Money will be dropped for the Southwest Capitol Highway project in Portland, and money will also not be appropriated for the Holly Theater, Harry and David ballpark and Bradshaw Drop Irrigation project in Medford.

On all of those projects, the governor said they should be dealt with on their own merits.

The vetoes will be her first as governor.

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