Fungi fanatics: Cascade Mycological Society brings people together with mushrooms


EUGENE, Ore. - It was all about mushrooms Wednesday evening at the Amazon Community Center in Eugene.

Several people gathered at the center to hear about a variety of fungi species.

The Cascade Mycological Society hosts these meetings monthly, open and free to the public, with topics ranging from fungi types, harvesting and more.

On Wednesday, the society invited special guest Ja Schindler, the founder of Fungi for the People.

He shared how to grow and cultivate fungi, answered questions from the audience, and even identified mushroom species visitors brought with them.

"This is really one of the first places, and one of the best places to come and meet friendly people who just want to engage on the same concept," said Schindler, "and it can lead down a lot of really cool educational rabbit holes. You know, all of us has something to teach each other in these groups and that's really the best part of it."

The next meeting is January 4 at 7 p.m.

For details and information, visit the Cascade Mycological Society and Fungi for the People websites.

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