'From day one, you know, he was always a big light around us'

Anthony Xavier Johnson, 24, was found dead in the Whiteaker neighborhood on Thursday night. Now, his family plans to honor him. Photo courtesy of Ray Page.

EUGENE, Ore. -- Eugene Police continue to investigate the death of 24-year-old Anthony Xavier Johnson.

His body was found in the Whiteaker neighborhood on September 1 after police responded to a report of shots fired.

Johnson's parents, Anthony and Anna Johnson, discussed their son and shared memories of his life.

Anthony Johnson Sr., who goes by Tony, discussed his son's fierce loyalty to his friends and his ability to befriend almost anyone. They also spoke about his role as an older brother to his two younger siblings.

"I guess his biggest asset was just his loyalty," Tony said.

"The friends he had ... he's had for life," Anna added.

The Johnsons discussed Anthony's writing skills; they say he wrote everything from fiction to poetry.

"The kid could come up with stories when he was in school like you wouldn't believe," Tony said.

Tony and Anna also mentioned he was a new father with an infant daughter. They said he suffered from addiction problems in the past, but was getting ready to attend rehab.

"You know, he was at a point in his life where he had just had this baby and he was seeing that the road that he was on wasn't the right path. And so he was making changes in his life," Tony said.

"He did get caught up on it, but he was on the right path to making a better life for himself and his baby," Anna said.

They discussed Anthony's sense of humor, love of his friends, and desire for a better future for himself and his family.

To Tony and Anna, Anthony was the light of their lives.

"From day one, you know, he was always a big light around us," Tony said.

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