Four semi-trucks catch fire at Papé Kenworth in Coburg

    Four semi-trucks caught fire at Papé Kenworth in Coburg, leaving three totaled, on July 10, 2018. (Photo courtesy Coburg Fire Chief Chad Minter)

    COBURG, Ore. -- Four semi-trucks caught fire early Tuesday morning, leaving three totaled, officials say.

    The trucks were parked next to each other, spreading the fire from one truck to another.

    It happened at Papé Kenworth in Coburg shortly after 2 a.m.

    Firefighters are calling it an accidental fire.

    All four semi-trucks were unloaded and the fire was contained in just under an hour.

    “One of the problems we had was just making sure we were controlling our run-off for diesel and stuff into the groundwater,” Coburg Fire Chief Chad Minter says. “The other problem was actually controlling the fire, but it wasn't too bad; we had a total of eight people there within the first few minutes and got a pretty good knock-down on it.”

    Chief Minter says the semi-trucks were all owned by different companies.

    The separate insurance companies will take over the investigation of the fire.

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