Food-box delivery system to potentially replace food stamps

Food-box delivery system to potentially replace food stamps

EUGENE, Ore. - President Donald Trump has proposed a food box delivery system, similar to the meal kit service "Blue Apron," that would replace food stamps.

The program is called "America's Harvest Box," and it would redesign the current supplemental nutritional assistance program, better known as "SNAP."

Food for Lane County serves about 78,000 people, and it says it tried the meal kit system before.

"Years ago, we used to give people boxes and we'd find a lot of the food out in the parking lot because it wasn't the food they wanted to eat or the food they were familiar with," said Beverlee Potter, with Food for Lane County. "So, self-selection is important in giving people the nutrition and food to people that they need."

The meal kits would be packed with goods to make at home, and the USDA says the new plan would save about $130 billion dollars over the next 10 years.

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