Residents at Eugene senior community win Fitbit challenge

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EUGENE, Ore. -- Exercise does the body good, regardless of your age. One senior community used technology to keep the group moving. And it helped them win an award along the way.

Over one million step in just one month.

Residents at Cascade Manor in Eugene accomplished that feat in June, winning the PRS Multi-Community Fitbit Challenge.

Armed with a single Fitbit, these seniors were competing with 9 communities to see who could track the most steps.

Personal trainer Jeff Robbins admits were some doubts before the contest began.

According to Robbins, "Three weeks before the event started, I had three different meetings. And I had two people come to the first meeting. One person came to the second meeting. And finally, the day before the event, seven people showed up and I knew we had something to work with."

A schedule made sure the electronic device was utilized effectively. As the days passed, more residents were getting involved. And if you were spotted walking on the premises, the Fitbit would find you.

"We had one of our residents, who was really a cheerleader. And she would go around and if see saw someone on the treadmill, she says here, take this. and that added steps. By the time we ended, we had over 23 participants." says resident Jane Poznar.

The goal of the group is to reach one and a half million steps in the month. 24 days into the contest, the residents had reached over a million steps. Then, they lost a key member of the team -- their Fitbit.

Despite losing nearly a week due to the malfunctioning device, Cascade Manor still beat the competition by over one hundred thousand steps. Robbins says winning the contest has residents eagerly looking forward to next year, taking away one valuable lesson.

Poznar adds, "Next year we'll get a fitbit that will work or have a backup."

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