Fish evacuated from Eagle Creek Fire to Lane County ready to be released into wild

Coho salmon rescued from a hatchery in the Columbia River Gorge during the Eagle Creek Fire are now ready to leave the Leaburg Hatchery in Lane County for release into the wild. (SBG)

LEABURG, Ore. - As the Eagle Creek Fire burned in the Columbia River Gorge, debris from the fire placed more than a million juvenile fish at Cascade Hatchery in peril.

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife acted to save the fish, trucking them to hatcheries in Washington state - and at Leaburg, up the McKenzie River in Lane County, Oregon.

The last of the Coho salmon left the Cascade Hatchery near the fire September 16, en route to Leaburg.

Now they are ready to leave the Leaburg Hatchery - to be released into the wild.

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