First Eugene Powersports Expo held at Lane County Fairgrounds


EUGENE, Ore. — The Eugene Powersports Swap Meet and Expo was held at the Lane County Fair Grounds on Saturday morning for the first time.

This event wasn't all about dirt bikes and all-terrain vehicles, though, it was also a fundraiser for veterans.

There was a $5 fee to got in the doors, with all of the proceeds going to an organization that gives disabled veterans an all-terrain motorized wheel chair.

"What it's allows these veterans to do is to go hiking out in the wilderness with their family," said Russell Henry of Off Road Riders for Veterans. "They can now go hunting and fishing, they can pretty much do any type of outdoor activity including they can mount a snow plow on these things and plow their snow off their driveway."

Henry says these all terrain wheelchairs cost $15-20,000, and that Saturday's event will help him give a disabled veteran a chair like this one sooner than he expected.

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