Fire officials say High Pass fire is not contained, estimated at 200 acres

Smoke rises from a wildfire burning about 12 miles due west of Junction City. (SBG/Hannah Kintner)

JUNCTION CITY, Ore. – Oregon Department of Forestry crews took over for Junction City Fire and Rescue in efforts to contain the High Pass fire.

According to Junction City Fire and Rescue, ODF had no updates Saturday morning.

Fire officials say Friday’s weather did not post as much of a problem as they expected.

As of Saturday morning, the fire is not yet contained and is still estimated to be around 200 acres.

According to Lane Fire Authority, weather conditions became more favorable Saturday and there are about 80 ODF crew members working on the fire lines with the support of six aircraft.

Lane Fire Authority said the fire precaution levels are still at 4. This means no campfires, warming fires, cooking fires or ceremonial fires are permitted in the area.

The Level 1 "Get Ready" evacuation for residences near the High Pass fire is still in effect.

The area subject to the evacuation notice begins at the intersection of High Pass Road and Templeton Road.

It includes all addresses on High Pass Road west of Templeton Road; all addresses on Templeton Road; and all addresses on Springbrook Lane.

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