Fire at Tannerite building in Pleasant Hill results in no known injuries

A building at Tannerite LLC in Pleasant Hill went up in flames Monday. The company makes reactive targets for shooting practice. (SBG)

PLEASANT HILL, Ore. - There are no known injuries after a fire ripped through a building at a local manufacturer of "reactive targets" for shooting practice.

A corporate investigator for Tannerite LCC told a report that the company does not believe anyone was inside the building when the fire broke out.

Firefighters responded around 4 a.m. and worked for hours to control and mop up the blaze. Firefighters are unaware of any injuries.

The fire marshal is investigating in an attempt to determine a cause.

"The investigation stage is just getting underway as the area cools down," said Chief Andrew Smith, with the Pleasant Hill and Goshen Fire Department. "We will finish off hot spots so it's actually safe for us in there."

Daniel J. Tanner of Pleasant Hill, Oregon, developed and patented the formula for the targets.

Tannerite LCC make binary reactive targets which, when mixed according to the company's instructions and shot with a center-fire rifle, create a loud boom and a spray of vapor.

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