Fir Grove Falcons agreed on favorite president: Abraham Lincoln

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- The students and staff at Fir Grove Elementary used a would-be holiday as a great opportunity to learn about past presidents and political history.

A group of fourth grade students gave a presentation over the morning announcements for President's Day.

The Roseburg schools were in session on Monday, making up for weather related closures at the end of 2013.

Jadian Hanshaw, a Fir Grove Elementary fourth grade student, says it was a pretty simple idea. "It was about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, two of the most well-known presidents, and some things that they did, like George Washington was the first president and Abraham Lincoln did the Gettysburg Address," Hanshaw said.

No matter who it was, The Fir Grove Falcons all agreed on their favorite president: Abraham Lincoln.

Micah Lake, a fourth grade student said Lincoln was his favorite for a pretty important reason. "Because he wanted to free slavery," Lake said.

First grader Jasmine Lopez had a different reason: "Because he sticks letters in his tall hat," she said.

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