Female veterans sometimes face lack of resources in Oregon

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    COOS BAY, Ore. - The nearly 30,000 female veterans in Oregon are all to often faced with a lack of resources.

    That was the message from the Oregon women veterans coordinator at the veterans affairs office in Coos County.

    Elizabeth Estabrooks visited the Women Veterans of the Oregon Coast group this week.

    She says healthcare needs, including mammograms and OBGYN care, are in low supply.

    "With a smaller percentage of a population, the message is always, 'oh we'll get to you later' or 'there's not enough space for you' or 'there's not enough funding for you' and that's what women have to deal with because we're only 10 percent of the veteran population, so we get outsourced," Estabrooks said.

    Another issue is mental health care.

    Estabrooks said most data isn't sorted by gender, so the public doesn't hear about things like the rise in suicides among female veterans by 85 percent since 2001.

    She hopes to see more healthcare benefits provided for women veterans.

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