EWEB restores power to thousands of residents Saturday

EWEB is still working to restore power to Eugene residents three days after an ice storm glazed the city and caused trees to break and fall onto power lines. Photo courtesy EWEB

EUGENE, Ore. – Eugene Water & Electric Board restored power to thousands of residents Saturday, but there are still 10,000 customers without power.

EWEB said close to 20,000 customers have lost power since the ice storm hit the area Wednesday.

They’ve since restored electric service to half those customers, and they plan to continue working through the weekend.

EWEB gives priority to repairs affecting the greatest number of people.

EWEB said 18 crews worked throughout the city Saturday.

So far, they restored power to the following areas:

  • Friendly Park/Morse Farm area, near 29th Ave. & Madison St.
  • Fairmount neighborhood
  • New Hope Christian College area near Bailey Hill Rd. & Warren St.
  • Harlow Rd. & Palomino Dr. area
  • Sanborn Ave. & Willowbrook St. in the Arrowhead Park Area
  • Vicinity of Corridor Elementary School
  • University St. & 20th Ave. near University Park
  • Area between Fairmount & Laurel Hill
  • Amazon & Fox Hollow Rd. area
  • River Rd. & Terra Linda Ave. area
  • Ferry St. Bridge neighborhood
  • Dillard Rd. & Snell St. near East Amazon Dr.

Customers should continue to report outages to 1-844-484-2300.

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