Eugene shifts plan to help homeless population

City of Eugene shifts plan to help homeless, Oct. 31, 2018. (SBG)

Eugene, Ore. - There will no longer be a temporary homeless camp at the vacant City Hall lot in downtown Eugene.

Eugene City Manager Jon Ruiz explained, "We decided to pool our resources with the county, partner with them and redirect those resources out to the site on Highway 99."

Over the weekend, Lane Transit District buses helped move and relocate some of the homeless downtown to the newly designated site.

"We set up a temporary camp out on Highway 99 on Lane County-owned property," Lane County Administrator Steve Mokrohisky explained. "We worked collaboratively with the campers to move 100 of the individuals out of the downtown area."

The County Administrator estimates the cost for the move and initial camp setup was about $ 10,000.

"One thing we feel is really beneficial about this new location," said Mokrohisky, "is you have other services in the area; St. Vincent de Paul has the Lindholm Service Center that serves three meals a day and has charging stations and showers available for folks."

The new temporary camp has portable restrooms and hand-washing stations as well as a Eugene Police Department camera on-site.

City Manager Jon Ruiz says as they look for a permanent location they will keep nearby businesses and residents in mind.

Officials say the plan is to find a permanent solution and have it in place within the next year.

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