Eugene River Festival kicks off inaugural celebration

Eugene River Festival kicks off inaugural celebration at Alton Baker Park.

EUGENE, Ore. - The inaugural Eugene River Festival welcomed hundreds of people at Alton Baker Park on Sunday.

For some, there was a rowing competition. For others, it was just an afternoon filled with good old fashion family fun.

More than 200 people rowed on the Willamette River on what was an unusually warm day in October.

The event acted as a two-mile race, but most families enjoyed a casual row and a scenic view.

Organizers say the River Festival is not just about rowing, but it is also a history lesson of the Willamette River, as well as a mini-safety course for first time boaters.

"We're really interested in getting the community out and showing what an amazing park we have here," said Tom Powers, the event organizer.

Powers says that in the future, they want to have the event during the summer time to draw more participants, but a date has not been posted for next year just yet.

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