Eugene Police unveils Fallen Officer Memorial Wall

Eugene Police unveiled a memorial wall honoring Officer Chris Kilcullen (2011), Officer Jesse Jennings Jackson (1934) and Officer Oscar Duley (1930).

EUGENE, Ore. - The Eugene Police Department now has part of its headquarters set aside to remember fallen peace officers.

On Wednesday afternoon, Chief Chris Skinner unveiled the new Fallen Officer Memorial Wall.

On this National Police Week, Eugene Police Leaders took time to remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

"This long, long history here, and these folks were just doing the same thing that we're doing every single day," said Officer David Clark, with the EPD. "It kind of gets people a time to reflect upon those who came before us."

Graphic design company PDG, of Eugene, designed a simple, yet profound display in a hallway inside police headquarters.

"Creating an atmosphere where the soul lives on is important to us and we certainly feel the soul of Officer Chris Kilcullen," said Skinner.

Officer Kilcullen was killed in the line of duty in April of 2011. The memorial also honors two officers you may have never heard of.

Officer Duley was shot down during a Prohibition raid in Marcola, and Officer Jesse Jennings Jackson was killed in a crash in 1934 in pursuit of a reckless driver.

"I think our commitment with the unveiling of this wall, and the way we behave here at EPD is that we will always speak the neame of those fallen officers to include our own," said Skinner.

Officer Clark hopes that the memorial will educate new members of the force about their history and that their work is far from routine.

"This could be our last day, or if it is our last day, we want to be remembered, and our families will be carrying on our name," said Clark.

One of the officers in the memorial, Officer Oscar Duley, was a famed local athlete, known as the wrestling cop. Duley was supposed to wrestle an opponent at the Lane County Fair the night he died.

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