Eugene police respond to five incidents near Downtown Library Monday night

Police say an angry crowd turned on a bystander who tried to stop the group from interfering with officers while they were making an arrest near the Eugene LTD bus station. The man suffered serious injuries. (SBG photo)

EUGENE, Ore. -- A good Samaritan is recovering from serious injuries, a teenager is under arrest, and police are still looking for a suspect after several incidents in downtown Eugene Monday night.

"Throughout the evening watch we had approximately five different disputes within that area of 10th and Willamette Street," Eugene Police Lt. Sean McGann said.

Some of those incidents were connected.

Police first responded to an incident of harassment by a group of kids.

But when officers arrested a 16-year-old girl for the crime, "the crowd became belligerent toward officers while they were making the arrest."

Police called in backup.

A bystander intervened.

The officers left.

And then the group turned on the bystander.

"We had a victim who was knocked unconscious. He was struck in the face, fell backwards, striking his head on the ground and was rendered unconscious," McGann said.

So the officers came back.

"This is a serious assault. It's an assault 2 which is a measure 11 crime," McGann said.

The victim regained consciousness and is still recovering.

Police are still looking for the assault suspect.

They say he's a stocky white man with dark clothes and a black backpack.

Anyone with information is asked to call police.

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