Eugene Police Department equips officers with naloxone

(File photo/SBG)

EUGENE, Ore. -- When Eugene Police staff are sent to calls involving overdosing subjects, or when they are themselves exposed during the course of their work to opioids that can cause life-threatening side-effects, they will have a critical new tool to help others or help themselves, the department says.

Naloxone can be used to counter the effects of heroin or other opioids as a critical emergency measure, officials say.

"Overdose deaths on such drugs as heroin, illicitly manufactured fentanyl, a potent synthetic opioid, or even prescription opioids, have become a topic of national discussion," EPD says. "The extreme dangers accidental fentanyl exposures pose to police staff while responding to calls, caring for subjects, investigations, or evidence handling have also been topics of discussion within the policing profession."

Eugene Police Department has offered naloxone (one brand name is Narcan) to staff and Eugene Police employees who complete the training and choose to carry the naloxone, officials say.

They will be provided a single dose, which can potentially be used to save the life of an overdosing individual on a call or to counter the deadly effects of an on-duty exposure to themselves or a coworker.

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