Eugene hearings officer finds Uber in violation of two city codes

EUGENE, Ore. - The hearings officer for the City of Eugene made his decision yesterday on Uber's March 24, 2015 appeal.

On Friday, he announced Uber is in violation of two Eugene Codes by not obtaining a public passenger vehicle (PPV) license.

One code states no business or individual may connect a prospective passenger to a vehicle for hire using a software application without obtaining a PPV company license.

The other code says no business required to obtain a PPV license may hire a person as a driver unless he or she has a valid PPV driver certification.

In his decision, the hearings officer also reduced Uber's civil penalty from $2,000 to $1,500 per day. This fine alteration will change the fines that Uber started accruing February 19 and will continue until Uber obtains a PPV license or ceases operations in the city.

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