Eugene Garden Show presents talks about sustainability and carbon footprints

The Good Earth Home, Garden, & Living Show runs Friday, Jan. 20, through Sunday, Jan. 22, at Eugene’s Lane Events Center. Photo by Maggie Vanoni.

EUGENE, Ore. - The Eugene Garden Show got underway on Sunday, and the Convention Center was filled with vendors focused on helping consumers sustainably live, eat, garden and even catch critters.

Vernon Reitenbaugh can't help but be excited about his invention on display at the show, something he calls the "Molecat." Instead of using gunpowder to keep moles out of the yard, this invention uses percussion to create a high energy explosive.

"We've had a grand sale," said Reitenbaugh. "We've almost sold out of all of our products we brought in, and we didn't think we would."

Reitenbaugh's booth is part of the 13th annual Good Earth Home, Garden and Living Show.

Exhibitors give consumers a chance to leave a lighter carbon footprint and put the planet first by making eco-friendly choices.

Show Director Karen Ramus says that this is the largest sustainable show in North America, and it's not just about selling education.

"There's a lot of conversations on this show floor about the greater issues about sustainability," said Ramus. "What our power sources are, what people are doing in their homes and transform how they use power."

Alongside the 220 exhibits, Ramus also brought in speakers to talk about recycling, raising goats and how to shop at garage sales and turn those items into home and garden decor.

Ramus said that long with the 58 seminars this weekend, they also had 40 new exhibitors in place.

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