Eugene couple develops Workout Buddies app: 'I want to workout with someone that can keep up with me'

EUGENE, Ore. -- In the growing world of fitness apps, a Eugene couple developed a program that connects people with the same exercise goals and abilities for a workout.

The app, called Workout Buddies, allows you to connect with others in your area that have similar interests and capabilities.

"I don't want to go workout with someone that's 10 times better conditioned than myself. I want to workout with someone that can keep up with me and do the same thing as me," said Mike De La Vergne, co-founder of Workout Buddies.

From basketball to yoga, users like Kael Holderby can find an exercise partner.

"I never really realized I needed it until I saw it, and said 'that would be a great thing to have'. Especially with cycling. You know, going out on those 20-30 mile bike rides can get a little lonely," said Holderby.

Along with giving you a workout partner, De La Vergne says Workout Buddies keeps people safe so they are more comfortable when exercising at night.

"You see it all the time. A girl goes out for a run and she's attacked. This will prevent that from ever happening again, those people never have to do that alone again," said De La Vergne.

Tom Weins with Max Muscle in Eugene said having an exercise partner also helps encourage people to get out and stay fit, even when they may not feel up to it.

"It's finding somebody to get you motivated. There's a lot of people out there that are sedentary, they just sit there, they don't actually do anything. But they want to workout, they want to want to lose that little bit of gut," said Weins.

La Vergne said most fitness apps just teach you how to work out, while this is one of the only apps that gives you someone to workout with.

The app is free and is only available on Apple devices. The couple is working on an Android app which should be available soon.

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