Eugene city manager presents proposed budget

City hall budget NBC 16

EUGENE, Ore. – Eugene’s city manager is presenting his proposed budget to the budget committee Wednesday night.

It’s a $589 million budget.

The city is facing a $3 million gap over the next three years.

Part of the budget gap is caused by PERS rates, now higher than expected. Right now the city contributes $21.5 million to the state’s retirement system.

That’s expected to increase by $4 million.

The PERS board sets those rates and as an employer, the city has to pay them.

Eugene will see some new revenue streams this year, including the 3 percent city-wide marijuana tax.

The city expects more than $300,000 from the next tax year. Eugene will also get a cut from state sales.

That money will be used for the criminal justice system, park safety and for administering the marijuana tax.

Eugene also has remaining funds from a settlement with Comcast.

Separate from the budget itself, the city manager is proposing $7 million from that goes toward the new city hall. Originally, the plan was to borrow money.

This would be an alternative, not additional funding.

City manager Jon Ruiz is presenting the budget to the committee Wednesday at 5:30 p.m. at the Eugene Library.

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