Eugene City Council hears concerns surrounding sunset clause

EUGENE, Ore. – Concerned citizens expressed their worries to the Eugene City Hall Tuesday night. They made their case to city council to remove the sunset dates for the rest stop and Dusk to Dawn programs.

Representatives from White Bird Clinic and the Community Alliance of Lane County, as well as homeless people who use the rest stop program, spoke at the public forum.

The sunset clause forces the city council to revisit the programs every year.

They can then either renew or stop the programs entirely.

By removing the sunset clause, these programs would not face an uncertain future.

“It's peace of mind for people who work at White Bird, crisis workers at Cahoots, and especially the people that we serve to have that sunset clause removed so that we can be confident that the city council is going to continue to keep this program,” said Miles Mabrey, co-coordinator at White Bird Clinic.

Any new rest stops or Dusk to Dawn sites would require city council approval.

Right now, the programs are set to end on March 31 of 2017. If not renewed, the city council will vote on removing the sunset clause and keeping the programs on February 27.

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