Eugene City Council discusses high speed internet for downtown

Eugene City Council discusses internet

EUGENE, Ore. - High speed internet in downtown Eugene could soon become a reality.

The Eugene City Council met Monday night to discuss a plan to install a fiber network. The plan calls for the lines to be placed in EWEB's existing, underground electrical conduits.

The fiber would allow people in the connected buildings to have a connection speed of one gigabit.

Those speeds would make Eugene competitive with larger cities and could lead to more economic growth.

"Other markets and other business have advantages that our businesses don't have because they do not have fiber capacity and it costs more and all those other disadvantages. So really it's about competitive advantage," said Denny Braud, community development manager.

The cost of the project is estimated at $3.8 million.

The city council will meet January 20 to discuss possible funding sources.

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