Elementary school fire sparked by heater; damage estimated at $90K

An accidental fire at Corridor Elementary School caused tens of thousands of dollars in damage Tuesday morning. (SBG)

EUGENE, Ore. - An accidental fire at Corridor Elementary School caused tens of thousands of dollars in damage Tuesday morning.

"Initially it looks like there were materials caught on fire near a heater," said Kerry Delf with the Eugene 4J School District. "It's a good reminder to be careful about how close anything is to a heater especially as we come into these winter months."

The fire started in an office space.

The smoke spread to a classroom, damaging floors, walls and some classroom materials.

"We do know some science materials, some computer equipment was damaged," Delf said.

All told the damge is estimated at $85,000 to $90,000, Delf said.

Eugene Springfield Fire crews made short work of the blaze - once they reached it.

"Access was a minor challenge," Batallion Chief Scott Bishop said. "We had to force our way through a gate and then get over a nice, wrought iron fence. We were able to get over that and contain the fire quickly."

There were no injuries.

And as crews clean up the classroom, the 4th and 5th graders who usually learn there will have a change of scenery.

"Students are having class in different locations including some rooms used for special education classes part of the day, and some small group work areas," Delf said. "The school has a great bend for creativity, and they're putting it to good use."

The school hopes to have the classroom cleaned up and available for use by next week.

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