Egan Warming Center in Springfield needs a helping hand

    The Egan Warming Centers are open in Eugene/Springfield - and in need of volunteers. (SBG)

    LANE COUNTY, Ore. - Since 2008 the Egan Warming Center has been around to ensure the homeless in Lane County have shelter during extreme cold weather.

    But this year they're facing a challenge.

    While the center operates in five Eugene locations, the Springfield location they've used for almost 10 years is no longer an option.

    "Because Memorial United Methodist doesn't have sprinklers in the basement where we sleep people, we can't use it," said Shelley Corteville, with the Egan Warming Center.

    Corteville says on any given night, the e]Egan Warming Center serves up to 500 guests systemwide.

    "That's a lot of people that, if we don't have a site and it's below 30, we could possibly wake and one of our Springfield neighbors has frozen to death," said Corteville.

    The center invites the homeless to sleep indoors when temperatures drop to 30 degrees or below between November 15th and March 31.

    "I'm even more concerned because last week it didn't look like the weather this week was going to be this cold and what going to happen next week," asked Corteville.

    Now she's asking residents and businesses for a helping hand..

    "I know we can do it in Springfield, I know we can so i'm asking please help us, please," said Corteville.

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