Edison Elementary students share handmade cards with patients at RiverBend Hospital

Edison Elementary School students delivered handmade cards to patients at RiverBend Hospital. (SBG photo)

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. – Patients at RiverBend Hospital in Springfield received a happy surprise Thursday. Students from Edison Elementary School greeted them with handmade cards.

“I really just want to see a smile on their faces when they get the cards,” said Rory Young, a fourth grade student from Edison Elementary.

Kids picked their cards and set off to the oncology and medical unit to brighten the day of those in need of a smile.

“I felt wonderful. That was so sweet of them. And they all talked right up and answered my questions so that was really sweet,” said Peachy McNeely, a patient at RiverBend Hospital.

For many at the hospital, it was a welcome yet unexpected visit.

“I didn't know it was even going to happen, so it was a nice pleasant surprise,” said Donnie White, another patient.

But this isn’t the elementary school’s first go at participating in random acts of kindness.

As of February, Edison Elementary School is internationally certified in kindness.

“They had to check off every day, all the acts of kindness that they did, and the entire almost 400 students participated. Thus, we were awarded this kindness certification,” said Andrea Leisarowitz, a parent.

A certification that the kids continue to work diligently at and an early lesson in the goodness of lending a helping hand.

“Well that was really sweet. That made my day,” McNeely said.

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