Ducks fans for 45 years: 'I think he's going to be a good coach'

EUGENE, Ore. – Longtime Duck fans say they hope Willie Taggart has what it takes to change the course of Oregon football after a tough 2016 season.

The University of Oregon announced Willie Taggart will be the 33rd head coach of the Ducks football team Wednesday.

Three die-hard Duck fans said their love for the team spans more than 45 years.

45 years ago Marcus Wright, Gary Anderson, and Douglas McDonald first met and became Duck fans.

“It started when I went to school here, when I went to the University of Oregon,” Wright said.

“I became a Duck fan when Stanford became the tree,” Anderson said.

“It's been pretty spectacular the last couple decades,” McDonald said.

The three usually meet about once a week to talk stocks, politics, and football. They know the sport well and they’ve been to nearly every Oregon game in the last four decades.

“We're getting beat pretty badly and it was 20 degrees, but I was there,” McDonald said.

The trio usually watches the game together.

“This last year was a disaster,” Anderson said.

2016 changed their tradition.

“Watch from our own HD screens. We got grouchy,” McDonald said.

But with the news of a new football head coach at Oregon, they’re hoping next season will be different.

“I'm encouraged, I'm hopeful, I think he's going to be a good coach,” Wright said.

They say 2 national championship games within the last 10 years isn’t bad for a little, old logging community. But they hope to watch the games together next season, if Oregon goes back to winning.

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