Ducks and Beavers set aside differences to tailgate the Civil War

Ducks and Beavers fans didn't shy away from the rain at the Civil War game Saturday. In Oregon, many families and friend groups are split on which team they support. The Civil War brings everyone together. (SBG photo)

CORVALLIS, Ore. – The Civil War marks the one day of the year you’ll see Ducks and Beavers tailgating together and the friendly competition extends beyond the football field.

For many fans, the Civil War starts before kickoff with a little family rivalry.

“I went to Oregon. I grew up in Oregon. When I was a kid, my parents used to bring me to Oregon to go to Duck games,” said Jodi Roberts, a Duck fan.

Roberts says once a Duck, always a Duck, even when a Beaver came into her life.

“I married a Beaver – family divided,” she said.

But on Civil War game day, Roberts found herself in a sea of Orange and Black.

“It is a Civil War marriage, yes very much so,” she said.

She’s not alone. Outside Reser Stadium, the tailgating started early as family and friends, Ducks and Beavers, prepared for the annual showdown.

“Both my parents went to the Beaver college,” said 9-year-old Anna Bucher.

“My Dad went to college at the Ducks,” said 11-year-old Meg Devall.

“As the girls have gotten older, they’ve all decided to pick their side of being a Duck of Beaver,” said Amy Bucher.

It’s a 20-year tradition for the Buchers and the Devalls.

But this year, they put aside their alliances to enjoy the day together.

“I'm a Duck, graduated in ‘92. I've got some good friends that are Beavers, so we made it a family event and all came down from West Linn this morning to go to the game,” said Jeff Devall.

“I actually grew up in Eugene and my dad worked at UO and then I decided to come be a beaver and I've been a Beaver fan since 199,4 which is when I started college here,” said Amy Bucher.

It’s the one day each year that opposites attract because whether you’re a Duck of a Beaver, everyone enjoys the Civil War game day. Fans say they’ll be back again next year.

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