Downtown Springfield sees influx in entrepreneurship

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SPRINGFIELD, Ore. -- There's a business renaissance happening in downtown Springfield, and it's transforming the Main Street area of town.

That's the view from city officials and the regional business accelerator group called "RAIN."

Many new entrepreneurs have started businesses in recent months, including a design watch-maker, a barber shop next door, and clothing boutiques.

Officials say the momentum has built up thanks to greater public safety downtown and fairly inexpensive rents for business.

“It's years of work to get to that point and now people are really taking advantage of that and bringing in this entrepreneurial spirit that is really something we've never seen and it's exciting,” says Springfield Community Relations Coordinator Niel Laudati.

Other new additions include new market-rate apartments at the 336 Lofts on Main Street, a fairly new fabric shop and clothing stores like Cha Cha's Boutique.

Laudati says recent tenants at the Sprout/regional food hub are also adding to the business vibe.

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