Downtown smoking ban continues to be in consideration for Eugene

    Eugene City Councilors heard public comment on the proposed dog and smoking ban in downtown Eugene Monday night. Harris Hall was filled with hundreds of concerned citizens. (SBG photo)

    EUGENE, Ore. - To smoke or not to smoke on the downtown streets of Eugene, that is the question at this moment before the City Council, which is mulling over a proposed ban.

    On Monday night, the Council heard from 22 people regarding the proposal, which would create a downtown core zone where you can't smoke on public alleys and streets.

    However, business owners would be able to opt off of the smoke ban adjacent to their business.

    The goal is to make downtown more accessible and welcoming, and the city says it could make a decision in the near future.

    "There is a 30 day period before it becomes effective, unless they do an emergency in action," said Laura Hammond, with the City of Eugene. "I would imagine it would probably be the 30 day period from if they decide to move forward the ordinance in whatever form they decide."

    Hammond says that the Council is scheduled to take action next Monday evening.

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