Donor offers grant, challenges community to raise $500,000 for Greenhill

KVAL News teamed up with Greenhill Humane Society Tuesday, March 14, 2017 to raise money for shelter pets and new facilities. To make a donation, call (541) 689-0983 or visit Photo by Amanda Butt

EUGENE, Ore. – An anonymous donor has offered to contribute $25 for every $100 donated to Greenhill Humane Society’s building project.

Greenhill Humane Society announced the donated grant Friday.

According to Greenhill, a local family said if the community donates $400,000, they will donate up to $100,000. The family’s goal is to raise $500,000 for the animal shelter.

“We are making this challenge grant in honor of our two good dogs, Pepper and Wittle. We invite members of our community to join us in supporting Greenhill because they too are moved by the joy animals bring to our lives,” the donors told Greenhill.

Greenhill Humane Society says so far, they’ve raised over $926,000 toward their goal of $5.6 million to build better housing and a medical facility for the homeless animals of Lane County.

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“We are so thankful for this generous grant and opportunity from the anonymous donor,” said Cary Lieberman, Greenhill’s executive director. “This project is community-driven, and their support for local animals shows leadership and vision.”

The match began Friday. Any donations will now go toward the challenge.

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