Mother, son with disability 'kicked out' of movie theater over 'too many happy noises'

Mother and disabled son get kicked out of movie theater in Eugene

SPRINGFIELD,Ore. - A mother and her disabled son were asked to leave a Springfield movie theater on his birthday.

The mother shared their experience on Facebook, and since then has gotten an overwhelming response from the community.

Brenda Branton and her son, Sam, went to see "Deadpool 2" on Saturday at the Cinemark movie theater in Springfield.

She then shared on her Facebook page, and in her words, they "got kicked out" because Sam was making "too many happy noises".

According to her post, it was Sam’s birthday as well.

The post has since gone viral and has been shared over 11,000 times, getting reactions from over 8,000 people with an outpouring of comments, wishing Sam a happy birthday.

The theater manager confirms they asked the mom and her son leave after receiving complaints from other moviegoers.

We talked to the executive director of Disability Rights Oregon thoughts on the situation.

“In the question of the movie theater, the questions that would need to be asked is: the noise, so disturbing that patrons can't enjoy the movie, really? Or is the problem that there is concern with disabilities and is that what made people uncomfortable,” said Bob Joonedeph.

The Cinemark manager said they gave Sam and his mother a refund.

He says they have tried to reach out to the mom to schedule a private screening for Sam and his family but have not heard back.

Sam’s mother has since updated their followers on Facebook.

She says they will have a private screening at Broadway Metro in Downtown Eugene on Friday with 30 of his friends and family, something scheduled with the help of local media personality Rick Dancer.

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