Dental student assisting at White Bird Clinic robbed

EUGENE, Ore. - Julia Allen is a dental student at Arizona University of Oral Medicine.

She has been volunteering at the White Bird Dental Clinic in Eugene as she prepares to take her medical exams.

Allen, along with a handful of other fourth-year students from across the country, assist doctors in serving underprivileged patients of Lane County.

In return for their service, the future doctors are provided with an apartment downtown.

But after returning to Eugene on Saturday, Allen discovered her home had been robbed.

She found personal belongings, including jewelry, clothing, and medicine taken, as well as her dental loops.

Dental loops are customized, magnified glasses which are crucial in serving patients.

Allen, whose medical exams are scheduled for May, said these costly spectacles are also necessary for her upcoming tests.

Now, Allen and the White Bird Dental Clinic are asking the community for help.

Anyone with information on the location of Allen's dental loops is urged to contact police or the White Bird Clinic.

White Bird Dental Clinic is also asking for small donations from members of the dental community, who recognize the important of dental loops, to replace the stolen loops.

Donor names will be entered into a drawing later this month, for donated dental supplies.

To donate to the cause you can contact White Bird Dental Clinic at (541) 344-8302.

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