Demolition is underway, road construction begins soon for Glenwood

The Franklin Boulevard project is well underway to make Glenwood safer and more attractive. Photo by Audrey Weil.

GLENWOOD, Ore. -- The old Glenwood is slowly disappearing.

Roaring Rapids Pizza Company is an oasis in a sea of construction cones and vacant buildings.

"I mean I don't know of anyone that likes construction but all of us I think like the progress construction brings," manager Garry Weber said.

In this case, progress comes in the form of a safer road and modern infrastructure to make Glenwood more attractive.

"We're really excited to revamp and really help out the community here. Right now there aren't sidewalks or bike facilities here so that is one element that we're really excited about," Kristi Krueger with the City of Springfield said.

The Franklin Boulevard project also includes several round-a-bouts to replace an outdated highway.

"You don't have head on collisions or t-bone accidents and the way that the roundabouts are designed with the curves, you're forced to drive slow," Krueger said.

That road construction starts in the next few weeks.

"Both lanes of traffic will be moved to the north side of the street so there'll be one lane in each direction and then we'll work on the south side of the roadway," Krueger said.

And by the time it's all done, it will be a new and improved intersection for the greater area.

"It really links Eugene and Springfield together. It helps the Glenwood community also. And then we've got a beautiful riverfront that we're not quite using out here so it will be great to bring all those items together," Krueger said.

Then Roaring Rapids might not be so lonely.

"We know that with that development will come other businesses and opportunities and open spaces for guests from Eugene/Springfield, so we're just delighted," Weber said.

Detours on Franklin Boulevard begin later this month. The project is set to be completed by fall of 2018.

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