DA: No criminal charges against driver who struck Meadow Boyd

Meadow Grace Boyd

The Jackson County District Attorney's Office has announced that no criminal charges will be filed against the driver who struck and killed Meadow Boyd.

The DA says there is insufficient evidence that the driver Kenneth Lynn Anderson had acted in a reckless or criminal negligent manner or that he knew he had hit her.

Meadow Boyd,13, was she was waiting for a school bus at the end of her driveway on October 30, 2017 when she was struck on East Evans Creek Road.

A passerby called police at 7:29 a.m. after spotting the girl's body on the side of the roadway, and continued to perform CPR until medics arrived. Boyd was then taken to Rogue Regional Medical Center where she was pronounced dead.

Meadow's father had waited with her until he saw the bus then left to work.

It is believed that Meadow was struck and killed as she leaned out into the road to signal the bus to stop. Previously, the bus had failed to pick her up and had used the light from her cellphone to get the bus driver's attention.

Investigators say, it was a dark and foggy morning, the street was also lined with garbage cans because it was a collection day. Meadow was slightly taller than the garbage cans.

Anderson came forward after the Jackson County Sheriff's Office issued help in identifying the driver involved in the incident and believed he may have stuck Meadow.

He was extremely distraught and in tears when he came forward. Anderson told JCSO that at the time of the incident he was blinded by the lights from a line of cars traveling on the opposite side of the roadway. He slowed down and felt that his vehicle had struck something he believed was a garbage can.

Anderson's truck is described as having a camper bed with four jack stands on each corner that hang low on the side of the truck.

He denied being on his phone or being intoxicated at the time of the incident.

Detectives were able to recover video showing Anderson driving off after the incident and then arriving at work shortly after. In the video Anderson does not appear intoxicated and a warrant to search his phone records confirmed that he was not using his phone at the time of the incident. A search of the vehicle revealed fibers from Meadow's clothing.

The DA says it is likely that Meadow's father left to work once the bus approached. She leaned out to signal the bus using the light from her cellphone. Anderson was traveling northbound and blinded by oncoming traffic. The jacks stand on the truck hit Meadow in the head causing her death.

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