Creswell students receive detention for participating in National Student Walkout

Creswell High School is starting the new school year under new leadership. The school's two former administrators - Andy Bracco and Jordan Osborn - resigned in January after they were caught sending text messages to each other making fun of a former student's weight. (SBG)

CRESWELL, Ore. - Six students at Creswell High School received lunch detention on Thursday after participating in the National Student Walkout Day on Wednesday, in protest of school gun violence.

The Creswell School District says that participating in the walkout counts as an unexcused absence, but the students say it's a way for the school district to limit their expressions.

As thousands of students participated in National Student Walkout Day across the country, others were still in their seats at Creswell High School.

Lukas Curtis was not one of those students.

"I stood up because it was getting close, and I was like, 'Anyone going to come with us?'" said Curtis. "Several people in class were like, 'Well, no, it's an unexcused absence. I don't want to, you know, get in trouble.'"

All of this resorted in a short lunch detention for Curtis and the five other students that walked to the courtyard that day.

Like many other schools, Creswell High School sent out a notification to families prior to the walkout. The notification read as such:

No matter what the topic, our school and our district cannot condone walkouts or other demonstrations that disrupt the learning environment.

With attendance being a national concern, the district took a different approach than most. The district stated that they were treating the situation as an absentee issue, but many students felt that the goal was to keep them from participating in the protest.

The Creswell School District says that it meets monthly to discuss its policies, and the superintendent said that the district will review its punishment policy for absences, but any updates will be unrelated to the walkouts.

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