Court docs: Wife of OSP captain filed restraining order, feared he would shoot her

Oregon State Police Captain Bill Fugate - Photo from Multnomah County Communications

The wife of an Oregon State Police captain who was placed on leave this week filed a restraining order, saying she feared her husband would shoot her.

Capt. Bill Fugate, who serves as OSP's public information officer, was placed on paid leave Thursday during a criminal investigation.

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According to court documents obtained by KATU News, Fugate's wife filed the restraining order in Deschutes County this week.

"He has been violent with me and made threats against himself in the past," Fugate's wife wrote in the restraining order, adding he had access to multiple firearms.

"He came into the home very late at night, took my phone and held me there. He had a gun and I feared that he would shoot me," she wrote. "He has a history of being abusive, it is escalating out of control."

The order proclaims Fugate is prohibited from contacting his wife in person, by phone, by text, by electronic methods or by mail. Per the order, he was also prohibited from buying or possessing any firearms or ammunition.

While he can't speak to the details of the case or if it is connected to the domestic violence allegations, Deschutes County District Attorney John Hummel said the Deschutes County Sheriff is looking into the case thoroughly.

"We can either exonerate Fugate or hold him accountable. The public deserves to know whenever allegations are made against police officers, judges, prosecutors or anyone in the criminal justice system they will be investigated seriously and the truth will come out," Hummel said.

He said Fugate's title and job with OSP will have no baring on the investigation, adding Fugate will be treated just like anyone else being investigated.

"To me, the law applies equally and I know that is how the sheriff feels as well we are going to take this case wherever the facts lead us," Hummel said.

Fugate is on paid leave with OSP, as a part of that leave court documents say Fugate turned in his gun and badge. At this point, Fugate has not been charged with anything.

This investigation started from an anonymous tip, according to Hummel. However, he cannot disclose what the tip was about. Hummel said tips are important, and before they ever move forward with an investigation based off a tip they do look into the legitimacy of the tip.

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