Cougar cub separated from mom by landslide finds shelter at the Oregon Zoo

Cougar cub (Photo from the Oregon Zoo)

A tiny, orphaned cougar cub has found a temporary home behind the scenes at the Oregon Zoo’s veterinary medical center.

The rambunctious, adorable, blue-eyed cub was rescued this week by Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife officers, after a landslide separated the young cougar from its mother.

A Good Samaritan found it the day after the slide in the mud and called WDFW officials.

After a short stopover in Portland, the cub will be headed to a new permanent home at the Minnesota Zoo.

The 5-week-old male cub weighs around just 4 pounds, and wouldn’t have stood a chance alone in the wild, according to the zoo.

“We would rather they grow up with their moms, but when that’s not an option we want them to have the best lives possible," said zoo keeper Michelle Schireman.

Schireman has found homes for more than 120 cougar cubs in zoos around the country, but she usually never gets to see the cats she helps.

“In most cases, we try to arrange for orphaned cubs to go directly to their new homes,” Schireman said. “But in special situations, and depending on whether we have space, we sometimes take care of them at the zoo until their health has stabilized. "

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