Community flocks to Fermented Food Festival

EUGENE, Ore. – Fermented foods are broken down over time by bacteria. It might sound unappetizing, but people flocked to it Saturday at Lane Community College.

Many people attended the Fermented Food Festival where natural food vendors in lane County put their products on display.

Festival visitors had the opportunity to learn about the products, how they’re made, and their health benefits.

“With the yogurt we add cultures to milk and it sets for about 6 hours in the actual container and the cultures ferment the milk and turn it into yogurt,” said Taylor Thompson, assistant branch manager of Nancy’s Yogurt.

Fermented foods have become a popular choice in recent years. 2017 marked the festival’s eighth year and organizers say it was the biggest one yet.

“I've been a fan of fermented foods for a while, so I guess I already eat a lot of them, but it definitely makes me want to continue,” said Lisa Last, a festival participant.

“Some really common ones are like sauerkraut, dill pickles. Some others that a lot of people will have heard of is kombucha, jun tea,” said Bret Diamond at the festival.

The foods aren’t only tasty, they’re also good for your body.

“How they not only effect our health in our gut in our microbiome, but even our behavior is benefited by eating fermented foods,” Diamond said.

The Fermented Food Festival is looking forward to another large crowd in 2017.

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