Civic Stadium deadline extended to February 27

EUGENE, Ore. - The quest to save Civic Stadium is into extra innings.

The Eugene 4J School Board granted the City of Eugene an extra 11 days to come up with a plan to buy the wooden stadium and property in South Eugene.

4J board president Jim Torrey said superintendent Dr. Sheldon Berman requested the board give the city an extension after city attorney Glenn Klein asked for a little extra time.

Torrey said the board had no problem with the request.

"This is such a small request for time. If it helps them get to a final conclusion, great," Torrey said.

Kidsports executive director Bev Smith said the Eugene Civic Alliance is about 90 percent complete with fundraising.

The new deadline is February 27.

Torrey said it's unlikely the school board would give the city a second extension.

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