City of Springfield weighs rules for ride-shares like Uber, Lyft

Springfield City Hall (Photo/Megan Shinn)

SPRINGFIELD, OR.- The Springfield City Council is meeting today to talk about an ordinance that could allow ride-share companies like Uber and Lyft back in town.

Municipal Code 7.330 and 7.332 regulate business license requirements in the City of Springfield.

Ride-share companies where people use phone app's to request their services are called "transportation network providers."

At the 5:30 p.m. Monday, the Springfield City Council will discuss the amending the ordinance; a summary of the Eugene proposed public passenger vehicle rules; and insurance informational diagrams.

"Our council would need to look at the code," Springfield city spokesman Niel Laudati said, "and if they would want to make this happen it would be making some changes that are more in line with what the City of Eugene has."

Laudati said if they decide to move with changing the ordinance to allow ride share companies in town, then there will be a public hearing scheduled. That's when members of the public could voice their opinion to the City Council.

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