City of Eugene updates rental housing code

EUGENE, Ore. -- The City of Eugene has made changes to the rental housing code that will go into effect at the end of the month.

The code covers basic health and safety standards.

It was expanded to add requirements for carbon monoxide detection, electrical systems, appliance upkeep, and controlling rat problems.

Plus, now landlords have two days to fix urgent problems as opposed to ten days -- within reason.

City officials said the code is a big deal because half of Eugene's residents live in rental units.

"We try to intervene earlier than later. It helps with maintenance and livability," Co-compliance officer for the City of Eugene, Mike Tritt, said.

If you have a complaint related to anything covered under the housing code, Eugene city officials say send a written notice to the property manager, and if they don't respond after ten days, contact the city at 541-682-8282.

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